Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Scotland VS England

Room 14 were very disappointed about the shock loss to England at the weekend (16 - 12).  Within the last 3 minutes or so, England won the game.  Well done Scotland with how well you played, you're winners in our eyes.

Duffy Assembly with Alison Quigan

Today we had our Duffy Assembly and Alison Quigan (who we know was Yvonne on Shortland Street) was our Duffy Assembly Hero.  She spoke about the work she does as an actor, producer and director.  She's a very busy lady!  Her latest project is Directing a show based on "The Twits" story by Roald Dahl.  Here is a link you can look at, see if you can go - http://www.eventfinder.co.nz/2011/dec/auckland-cbd/the-twits

Mangisi from our class received his Duffy Book from Alison today, he was chosen because he always completes his work on time and helps his peers with their work when they need it, a true Role Model in our class, well done Mangisi!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Oral Health & Hygiene Week

Yesterday Room 14 used "The Alphabet Key" one of the many Thinker's Keys.  The Alphabet Key is where you choose an object or topic and compile a list of words from A-Z which have relevance.  Because it is Oral Health & Hygiene Week, we decided to see what words we could come up with for each letter of the alphabet that is relevant for this topic.   But . . . we are stuck on a few letters, so if anyone can help us fill the gaps that would be appreciated.  Thanks.

A - apple
B - brushing
C - clean
D - Dentist
E - enamal
F - floss
G - gums
H - healthy
I - ice pack
J - junkfood (it's not good for oral health)
K -
L - lips
M - mouth
N - night-time (one time of the day when we need to clean our pearly whites)
O - oral
P - paste
Q -
R - rotten teeth
S - shiny
T - teeth
U -
V - vegetables
W - water
X - x-ray (well done Quentin who came up with this one)
Y - yellow teeth (this is what you can get if you don't brush your teeth properly)
Z -

Hope you can help us to fill in the gaps!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


This week Room 14 has been enjoying "Maths Week" and learning new things.  We have been doing Geometry - Position and Orientation, as a whole class and learning about moving things clockwise and anti-clockwise.  We have also been learning about different 3D shapes and how they are found in everyday objects, for example, a basketball is a sphere and a cereal box is a rectangular prism.
Today we had a "Speed" game challenge and it got very competitive.  Well done Katie for beating Mrs Ma'a-Clark in the game.
We can't wait to hear who has won the estimation jar competition.

Check out the link to our school blog for maths week - www.cpsmathsblog.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Police Visit

Constable Glenys talking with us

Yesterday, Room 14 went to the Wharenui for a surprise.  The surprise was a visit from one of our local constables, Constable Glenys.  She talked to us about the work she does in our community and showed us the tools that police officers use to help them do their job of keeping everyone safe.  Constable Glenys showed us the baton, handcuffs, pepper spray and gloves that she sometimes uses.  We also watched a DVD of Brian and Bobby and it showed us all the different types of things that police officers do. . . to be continued.   

Mucky Mabel Story

Once upon a time Mucky Mabel was embarrassed in front of everyone because she threw a pea at a lady.  Mabel’s Mum was embarrassed at the restaurant so they took her home.  A visitor found a pea on the chair.  The pig jumped in the window.  The pig taught Mucky Mabel manners at the table but then the farmer came and picked up Mabel from her house and took her to the farm, there he taught her manners at the table.  But Mucky Mabel’s Mum and Dad were still disappointed with Mucky Mabel.                  By Mana